BIBLIOFINDER is an online directory that is exclusive to independent, locally owned, brick and mortar bookstores. We will never list online only bookstores, chain and corporate retailers, and feature generic online ads on our platform.

We also promote bookstores that list with us across our social media platforms as well as provide them with tools and services to help them thrive.

In our footer menu, find the "List With Us" menu and select "Add Listing". Or click any button that says "Add Listing".

Select your listing type - Bookstore, Book Club, Event and then sign in or register. Registering only requires a valid email address.

Complete the listing form with all the information required for your listing, and click on the "Preview" button.

If you are happy with the result, and you have included all relevant information and photos, click on "Submit Listing".

Once you have submitted your listing, it will be marked as pending. Your listing will not be visible in the directory until your listing is approved.

THAT'S IT! One of our team members will review your listing, and if everything is in order, your listing will be approved, and it will be visible in the directory.


  • We bring you new visitors and customers as we are constantly promoting our listings via our social media network, through our partners, mail-outs, newsletters, and at local events.
  • Visitors and customers on BIBLIOFINDER are looking for indie bookstores, book clubs and book events because our directory is exclusive to just that.
  • All the information your customers will need to make a decision will be available to them - free from corporate chain retailers, old and outdated information, and unrelated ads.
  • We check in with business owners every six months to ensure their information and business listing is current.
  • You will have your own URL that you can share to your customers.
  • All your social media and business links can be found in one location.
  • If you have a sale or event, this will be added to your listing so customers and visitors can know what is new.
  • Your listing will be SEO and Google ready - we will constantly update your keywords to ensure you are found in search engines. 

Yes, we are working on creating additional advertising opportunities. This service is based on request, at this time.


Contact Us by email, or by filling out our form. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 12-24hours.


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