270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke, ON, Canada


270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

About Us

We're an independent bookshop located in Toronto's west end. A Novel Spot Bookshop opened its doors in the heart of Etobicoke in November 2012.

It is a tiny bookshop at 634 square feet, but is packed full of hand-selected titles. As Sarah, the owner, says: "They have to be special books to make it onto our shelves or onto our main table."

This curated list is more than just novels.  We have a great selection of mysteries and thrillers, historical fiction, biographies, history, cookbooks, business, sports, arts and entertainment, and of course there is the children's corner. We like to have a little bit of everything at A Novel Spot!


(416) 233-2665

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