17800 New Hampshire Avenue, Ashton, MD, USA


17800 New Hampshire Avenue, Ashton, MD, USA

About Us

 One finds the Cricket Book Shop housed in a charming building tucked in the quiet village of Ashton, and to those who have religiously returned over the years, it signifies going back to the days when shopping was an enjoyable and civilized experience.  

    Longtime customers are warmly greeted as family members, and strangers are welcomed as newly made friends.  And indeed there are many longtime customers as the Cricket has been in existence for 50 years.

     At the Cricket  Or you may find, as have many customers, that just browsing undisturbed for an hour or two can offer as much enjoyment.  

     So, if the irritation of indifferent clerks, monotonous merchandise, clogged highways and endless parking lots send you into "mall shock," perhaps a short drive to the Cricket will restore your spirits. And you too will count yourself as a member of the ever growing family of satisfied customers

                                                                        We hope to see you soon!
                                                                   Sharon, Mary, Nancy & Marianne



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