240 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011, USA


240 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011, USA

About Us

We believe that society ascends in a rising line with literature and literacy. Our golden future lies not at the end of a yellow brick road; instead, it’s a pathway paved by books.  After many, many years in publishing and bookselling, it’s time to extend the transformational power of literacy to improve our lives and neighborhoods on a larger scale.

Books live forever. This is the magic of literacy.  In these turbulent times, people benefit by reading and reflecting on the ideas and human caring found in the thousand books on our shelves.  This wisdom and insight provides both comfort and courage.  We need the thoughts these authors put on the page to echo inside and guide us.

Independent bookselling is in a growth phase across the country, for all the reasons one might expect: the buy-local movement, a push-back from big box blandness, and because we recognize our customers as individuals.  It is a huge benefit to be part of a resurgent industry, sharing support, best practices and inspiration.

Recent studies show we retain more of what we’ve read when it's printed on paper; it has more mental and emotional gravity. RoPoBoCo is about relishing and retaining community values, then paying this forward.  This bookstore is my past made present that I offer up to our customers in appreciation of the countless souls who make sure books -- and freedom of speech -- are part of American life.  We have the right to read whatever we choose and make up our own minds.

We are dedicated to improving our neighborhoods and the next generation’s chance for success via literacy. What we're working for, and you can help us, is to support the most powerful experience that happens in life, which is when someone tells me about a book they got at RoPoBoCo with these words “This book, and this place…you changed my life.   Thank you.”

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