Established in 2017, Words, Wine & Wit is a feminist book club for people all over the world

Since lockdown, we have started reading an additional book which we will start around halfway through one month, and discuss midway through the next. This pick will always be inclusive and from a non-white author.

How it all works...

• We read two books per month
• The last Saturday of the month is when we will discuss each book - sometimes we will do this "face-to-face" on Zoom!
• Although I would like you to read the book, you won't be grilled if you don't
• Please try and support local book stores, charity shop and libraries where you can
• I'm happy for you to post about other books you might be reading, other bookish news and anything else you might like to share about books/bookstagram
• PLEASE do NOT post any spoilers on the book we are currently currently reading as a group
• Check out announcements for fun and/or iterative events - we have a few authors coming up!

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